Carmel Valley California - Running Iron Restaurant and Saloon

The Running Iron Restaurant & Saloon

There is a place in Carmel Valley Village that, as soon as you cross its threshold, makes you feel like you are in a turn-of-the-century Wild Wild West saloon. The atmosphere is warm, the décor definitely western, the waitresses smiling, and the bar extremely inviting. This place is called the Running Iron Restaurant & Saloon.

The Running Iron is one of the most popular places for locals to go who wish to bite into healthy servings of delicious American food. Try their Pacific Snapper consisting of a large portion of fresh Monterey coast snapper, charbroiled and seasoned with lemon butter. Another favorite is the Calamari Steak, which is breaded, fried and so tender that you don't need a knife. Or maybe you might prefer the Filly Beef Steak sandwich, a large serving of sautéed beef with grilled onion, chili and melted Jack Cheese. Just talking about it right now makes my mouth water, but then, it is close to lunchtime. Each time I had the pleasure to have lunch or dinner at the Running Iron, it was like going to a town meeting. Tables are occupied by friends or acquaintances, and it would take me several minutes of shaking hands before reaching my table. Let me tell you, the place is a very busy one. But the very efficient waitresses always keep their cool and I rarely wait even 15 minutes to get my order. For someone like me who likes to see his food come almost immediately, it is a blessing. On many occasions, you will find a large number of motorcycles parked in front of the Running Iron (especially those expensive Harleys owned by doctors and lawyers). Obviously, the word is out amongst the bikers who appreciate a friendly place to go where good food is served. The overall atmosphere is especially appealing to visitors from foreign countries. Every time that I have the recommended the Running Iron to them for lunch or dinner, they have always come back with thanks and smiles on their faces. For me the Running Iron is truly a Carmel Valley restaurant.

The prices are very reasonable, and the portions outsized and, for me, it is what I believe American home cooking should taste like. (Editor's Note: Daniel was obviously raised on French home cooking, so this is high praise indeed.)

Running Iron Restaurant and Saloon Logo
P.O. Box 1224
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
PH: (831) 659-4633 Fax: (831) 659-5929
Open: M-F 11:00 AM
Open: Sat 10:00 AM
Open: Sun 9:00 AM
Open: Holidays 9:00 AM

A part of the past is yours to share. Come on in and join the Foremans and their staff in what the locals have aptly named "The Comfort Place", with a menu so varied that there is something for each and everyone: Burgers and Steaks, Eggs and Omelets, Seafood and Pasta, Veggie to Onion Rings and Fries. All this plus homemade dessert to die for!

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