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Anna Vandenbroucke

"Set In Your Way Tablescapes"

When you are planning a wedding, corporate event, romantic duet, theme dinner, or special family gathering of anywhere up to 300 guests, call Anna Stephan Vandenbroucke in Carmel Valley. At Set In Your Way Tablescapes you can choose from 150 different table designs. "We have approximately 50,000 pieces of everything that goes on the table except the food," says Anna who supplies linens, crystal, flatware, china and unique centerpieces. "We work with florists, although sometimes we are asked to design these as well."

When you go to her showroom (by appointment only), you will find several tables all set with different design ideas. And then there is one table that is empty on which Anna and the client "design" their special table. "If it is a bride, the first thing I need to find out is what direction she is leaning, whether she wants silver or gold, sweet Victorian or bright and bold colors."

Anna then sets up an array of different looks, "each set can go with several different kinds of table cloths so that everything is color coordinated." Anna has between 150 and 200 linens to choose from which are stored in a warehouse in Carmel Valley.

"I buy the prettiest fabrics, all top of the line, and have them dry cleaned after the function," she says. "And my plates get hand washed, consequently there is not a chip in any of them."

"I also do private homes for small or large events," Anna says. "For small events a hostess might only have 10 place settings and will ask me to 'match' them with some of my mine." In this case, Anna mixes-and-matches the hostess' ones with hers and no one is the wiser.

To give uniqueness to her tables, Anna has invented a lot of different napkin folds to enhance the table. When a shipment of Victorian china arrived with some broken pieces, she even made a creative centerpiece with them that now goes with the set.

Anna herself has traveled a lot to find unique place settings. For example, on her trip to Chile, South America she had a woman make 100 plates of Chilean pottery.

During her design session with brides, Anna is often asked about what is proper table etiquette, where the forks should go, etc. In fact, Anna teaches classes on table setting regularly in her showroom, at Chateau Julien, and even on Kate Calahan's "News" show, advising on how to set a Holiday table.

Anna started her business 12 years ago, and now as a matter of course is recommended and sets tables for weddings, events and high-end corporate parties at Stonepine Estate, Holman Ranch, Jouillian, Chateau Julien, Bernardus and, out of Carmel Valley, at the Highlands Inn, Aquarium and La Playa to name a few. "I used the set the tables at Virginia Stanton's parties and also at her 90th birthday party to which Ronald Reagan came; our theme was 'A Mid Summer Nights Dream'". And, yes, she has also been asked to design the tables at Clint Eastwood's parties.

"We even do handmade menus and placecards," says Anna who receives rave reviews from her clients. Make an appointment to visit her showroom and let your imagination discover the amazing art of tablescapes.

Set in Your Way Tablescapes
70 W. Garzas Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Tel/Fax (831) 659-3610

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